Parts we use 
Knowing which part to use can be confusing for a driver, which is why we wanted to make it clear what our policy on parts is! 
If you need a new brake pad or clutch, we will explain exactly what you need and how much the part will cost to order. 
Delilahs Mobile Mechanics will only use OEM quality parts when carrying out a repair. We order parts from MAN, Valeo and IUK which are the best brands in the world.  
The parts we install will also come with a minimum 12 month warranty, as will the labour undertaken to fit the part.  
You might not know this but the likes of Ford, Audi, BMW, Mercedes and the rest of the big car manufacturers, actually buy parts off specialist parts manufacturers and then sell them on to consumers at a higher price! 
This is why getting your car fixed at a dealership is so expensive! 
When we install a new part, it is highly likely to be exactly the same as the one a dealership would put into your car, the only difference is that we won't charge you extortionate fees! 
If you would like to understand which parts are being used during a repair, simply ask our specialist technician, Joe Stevenson, and he will explain everything clearly. 
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