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What's included in our Engine Oil and Filter Service 

Our Engine Oil & Filter Service involves draining the existing oil from your engine and replacing it with new oil as per your vehicle manufacturers recommendation. The service also includes the replacement of your oil filter to keep your new oil grime free. 
Oil and oil filters form an important part of your engine. Oil is used for the lubrication of your internal combustion engine minimising friction and wear on each of the moving parts. Your oil filter keeps your oil free from contaminants therefore minimising the risk of damaging vital engine components. 

How often should you change your engine oil? 

Manufacturers and car experts recommend that your oil is changed every 12 months, or a little less for higher mileage vehicles. 
Oil lubricates your engine preventing friction and protecting the mechanical components within it. Over time engine oil gradually loses this ability to lubricate effectively and low, thin or old oil causes the internal components to wear much faster. To prevent this, it’s very important that your car has a regular oil service. 
We can also arrange MOT's and complete pre MOT checks and all remedial work 
10% off Full Service if booked with an MOT 
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